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Below are additional Working Writer screenplays and their loglines. 

Review the many Working Writer screenplays and teleplays of all genres.


Logline: As Christmas approaches Dave, a man who seems to have it all, experiences a nagging emptiness. But when he is drawn to a stream of magical starlight, he is led to true love and happiness. 

The Star of Dave is being considered by the Lifetime Channel. 


Logline: Attorney John Hill believes that solitary confinment turns men into monsters. He never believed those words more than when he found himself defending the worst of those monsters.

The Pinebox Parole is based on a true story and real characters. 


A legacy logging company run by an iconic and much-revered family is in peril from conflicts from within and danger from without.<br> Mystery, suspense, terror and even murder are all in the mix by those who aim to destroy the family and take over the business.


Lamar Jones had everything going for him until it suddenly all didn't matter. He found himself in the struggle of a lifetime to find his purpose.


Running back Keith Carter can out run the wind. But can he keep up the pace when his life and career turn upside down?


When Maggie Flannery sees that her luxury liner is a rundown pirate ship little did she know the cruise would have huge international ramifications and lead to her becoming the unexpected hero.

Based on the book by Patricia Macko.


A tsumami of Russian money, the allure of prime American real estate... an unbreakable connection and a true story like no other!

Alexander Kantor is the co-writer of the screenplay and the author of the novel by the same title.

Alexander Kantor won the 2018 Cannes Film Festival Prize for the short version of the screenplay.


A young man comes returns to his small hometown after his first semester of college, He reunites with his friends at the town's annual Thanksgiving Breakfast. It's good to see his old friends but it soon becomes obvious that everyone is changing and that the group will never be the same again.


Dr. Astroblast and his teenage kids fight against Dr. Decay and his evil minions to keep all the teeth in the universe white, gleaming and healthy!

Tooth Galaxy Mission is being considered by PBS for a kids' series. It is also a book and available on Amazon Books.

Dr. Francisco Azar is the creator of Tooth Galaxy Mission and is a dentist in the Miami area who specializes in children's denistry.


How will the werewolf twins Paul and Peter stop the evil Dr. Burnside before he uses them to create an army of near-wolves to unleash on the world?

The Werewolf Pack - A Force for Good is also a book and available on Amazon.


Chosen to be Attila the Hun's wife at the age of ten, no one could have guessed the unusual hand that fate was dealing her.

Ildico - Princess Warrior is a limited TV series and a book available on Amazon.


Hatcher! When enemies become allies and friends become foes, who can he trust?

The first in a triology, The Hatcher File has been optioned by a London production company.


Brooklyn Dodgers fans never got over the "betrayal" when their team was moved to Los Angeles. Sixty years later, is there a way to mend their broken hearts?


Three Los Angeles police officers begin their careers together but their 
lives follow very different paths, leading to heroics, temptation, corruption and murder.

The Myrmidons - A Police Tale: Subterfuge is also a book available on Amazon.


Three Los Angeles police officers begin their careers together but their 
lives follow very different paths, leading to heroics, temptation, corruption and murder.

The Myrmidons - A Police Tale: Counterplay is also a book available on Amazon.


Queen! The British band owned the world, but doing their own thing kept them from taking over the universe.

Using hundreds of Queen lyric excerpts in the dialog -- some obvious, some stealth -- the band virtually "writes" its own story in this unique approach to storytelling.


When a brilliant old scientist is too old to take over the world, he invents a computer that can take over the universe.

OMNI Supercomputer is also a book and available on Amazon.


Colin Jones has a connection with OMNI, the supercomputer, that no one could have imagined. OMNI breaches the technological singularity and selects Colin to carry the torch for the future of AI and for all of mankind.

OMNI Legacy is also a book and available on Amazon.


A reclusive computer genius is swept away by his all-encompassing love for a woman 
who cannot return that love. A modern-day retelling of Von Goethe's classic 18th century novel of unrequited love, The Sorrows of Young Werther.


John Adams defends more than the British soldiers who killed five 
citizens in the Boston Massacre, he defends democracy itself by showing the world that the colonists believe in their own noble words.


When bad luck doesn't come knocking, Robbie Durso does a great job of sabotaging himself. "Not Since the Toothbrush. . ." is the hilarious true story of a modern-day, down-on-his luck Aussie entrepreneur who life has turned against until he discovers something that everyone in the whole world will want.


When renowned astrobiologist Danika Dewan discovers that the accelerated worldwide extinction is linked to an alien virus, dark forces target her for extinction.


What possible connection could there be between a tenth century papal scribe and book hunter and the Roman philosopher Lucretius who lived 1,400 years before? The link involves science, religion, philosophy, atheism and, of course, the Swerve.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt.


In 1916, Murderous Mary, a circus elephant, who had been abused and beaten, was hung for trampling to death one of her trainers. Eighty years later, Keiko, The Lucky One, the orca that stars in the Free Willie movies is returned to the wild, cannot adapt without a pod and perishes. The abuse of animals for the entertainment of man is the thread that connects the two tragedies.


Good vs. evil, angel vs. demon, Michael vs. Lucifer in an epic battle to save Earth and to make way for the Second Coming. The end is now, and it's only the beginning.


A young Afghan woman suffers through loss and tragedy and then is thrown into the middle of an international terrorist plot ultimately emerging as the unlikeliest heroine.


Daniel Rubin is driven to ask, "Why is there war?" He seeks a place without conflict and war but it takes a return to the simple life to find the peace he desires.


A poor Pakistani boy had no idea that saving the statue of a Hindu god from terrorists would lead him from being a local cricketer to the biggest star in the MLB.


A British minister travels to Egypt to help in the war effort during WWII only to find that the mysteries of Egypt include not only the Sphinx and Great Pyramid but murder, corruption and the supernatural.


What in the world does an exotic tea have to do with the US Open? John Smith, a second-grade teacher and wannabe golf pro finds out in the most unusual and magical way.


The supernatural powers that young Edmund Hammond is born with makes him the target of Diomedes, ruler of Under Earth, who views Edmund as a threat that he must either destroy or control in his quest to take over Upper Earth.


The true story of Terri Patraw, winning Division 1 coach at the University of Nevada, Reno, who after standing up for the right thing was thrown into the fight of her life with a corrupt university, a corrupt media and a corrupt Nevada judicial system.

One Thousand Showers is also a book and available on Amazon.


A young, inexperienced Miami Homicide detective who has depended on his looks and charm to get him by has to get down to business when a celebrated evangelist -- Brother Eugene -- is nearly assassinated and the body count starts to rise.


After ten years, a multi-billionaire exhausted in his efforts to fight governmental corruption, takes drastic actions that result in drastic consequences.


Valentina lives in the future, Helene in the present and Alma in the past. Unhappiness compels each of their spirits to go soul-searching for a happier place in time.

Dreams of Yesterday and Tomorrow is also a book and available on Amazon. 


Through her grandmother's magical hat, Emerson -- a shy eight-year-old -- learns to deal with starting a new school and her parents' break-up. In the end, Emerson learns that the hat's real power is the love she had in her heart for her grandmother.

Emerson's Hat is also a book and available on Amazon.


A frustrated filmmaker learns that nice guys can finish first, but it might take a while. This aspiring movie man enlists the help of his lackadaisical agent and an intellectually-challenged movie star to form the unlikely trio which brings down a cruel and corrupt director.


Jeff has always been close to his father who worked hard to give his son a better life than he had. But Jeff is inspired by his father's service as a Marine and gives up everything to be just like him.


The strawberry moon was full of promise. Perhaps it held the hope that Paul would finally learn what true love was and, what it wasn't.


In the autumn of his life, Julian was ambushed by the daughter he never knew he had and overwhelmed by the love he had for her the minute he first saw her.


Magdalene was a beautiful young woman who lived in Jerusalem -- the men literally lined up at her door. But the emptiness she always felt led her to love a Man who taught her that true love was in the heart and spirit.


An extraordinary young farm boy from the Midwest proves that there's no such thing as an ordinary solider.


Sarah Hunter is an IRS agent who is assigned to a hick town in Iowa to track down tax violators of bartering laws. She didn't find many violators but she did find something more important -- herself and where she belonged, and the most unexpected of all -- true love.


Ben Drake heeded the call to duty and joined the Union army to fight for the survival of the nation. Despite the perils and hardships he endured in the war, it was no match for the heartache he would face when he finally made it home again.


A young Pakistani man learns that a look in the mirror reflects the harsh reality that everyone can be both a victim and an agent of bias and hate.


Dew has no idea that the Rose, the beautiful Cajun girl who he loved all his life, is being possessed by an angry and evil witch who lived long ago. Can love save the day and can Dew save Rose from herself?


Feeling abandoned by the cops and her lover, a rape victim strikes out alone to bring justice to the brutal assailant who still lurks. The young woman does not know, however, just how close he is lurking.


Homicide Detective Jack Luna is on the hunt to find the October Killer before he strikes again. The pressure is increased when he realizes that Oktubre is targeting his own sister as his next victim.


After ending an abusive relationship, Lea thinks she made matters worse by moving next door to an unsophisticated oaf. But beneath her new neighbor's rough exterior, Lea discovers a big heart and uncommon wisdom.

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