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This Working Writer can bring your story, idea or concept to life in the form of a screenplay, teleplay, novel, memoir or work of non-fiction!

Below is a listing of screenplays that are optioned  by production companies.


Logline: After Jesus's arrest, Roman law dictates that he must stand trial and be represented by counsel. How will Jesus fare having the benefit of the dedicated and capable Joseph of Arimathea defend him in a fair, modern-day-like trial?

The Jesus Trial was a semi-finalist at the 2013 Eddie Bauer Screenplay Competition. Shooting for The Jesus Trial is planned for 2021.

The Jesus Trial is also a book and available on Amazon. 

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Logline: Ernest Hemingway's early works were stolen off a train. Where did they go and how did they impact the lives of those who encountered the old valise containing these fabulous but unsigned works?

The Valise was an Official Finalist at the 2017 New York City Film Festival Screenplay Competition, a finalist at the 2017 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay Competition, a finalist at the 2013 Beverly Hills Film Festival Screenplay, a semi-finalist at the 2013 Table Read My Screenplay Competition.


No one, especially a sophisticated reporter from New York like Penny, would ever imagine that scores and scores of broken hearts would lead to true love.

The King of Broken Hearts is being considered by Netflix.


When Austin learns the truth about his birth, he unravels in and bitterness. In the end, he learns that neither anger, hurt, distance, or time can break the bonds of love.

The Good Adoption is currently under consideration by Bona Fide Productions. 


A young college coed spirals into a catatonic state after witnessing the brutal murder of a classmate. An experimental drug that impacts the brain's "fear center" blunts her memory temporarily but when the murderer learns of her returning memory he decides he must silence her forever.

Fear Center was a semi-finalist at the 2011 Script Pipeline Screenplay competition and a quarter-finalist at the 2016 Screencraft competition.


Brilliant microbiologist Kristen Sterling accepts a top-secret position with the government only to discover that her life, her family and the entire world are all in grave danger.

The Sixth Strain is under consideration by a Los Angeles production company.


When a young man learns that his real father is the vampire Count Dracula he rejects his lineage and battles to destroy the monstrous evil.

Son of Dracula has been optioned by a British production company. It is also a book and is available on Amazon.


Unknown to the small town of Powder Creek, Wyoming, that it secretly invades, a MARS ROVER sprinkles a little magic dust about that turns the obscure community into a beacon of hope for the world.

Rover is being considered by Imagination Productions. 


A young girl, forced into prostitution at age twelve, escapes her Brazilian slum for Europe and America to become an international supermodel. In the backdrop of fame and fortune and the glitterati of the fashion world, she earns the attention of a mysterious and dangerous Sheik who

compels her to escape once again, this time to find where she truly belongs.

Daria was a finalist at the 2012 Beverly Hills Film Festival, Screenplay Competition.

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A Jewish rabbi in Israel and an Evangelical pastor in the US both realize that the end of times are upon them and that they are being called upon to battle evil and see their people through the ordeal.

Mark of the Beast is in development with an LA-based production company.

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Sophia, a beautiful woman who had everything going for her -- until it was all taken away -- is compelled by vengeance, anger and hurt to strike out in a new land to find where she belongs.

Where Is Sophia? is in production in Vancouver.

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Working Writer: About

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